Re: surnames #lithuania


its my understanding that when a family has gotten the name of a town as a
surname that that is where the family had come >from at SOME point - BUT
this would have been unlikely when the family lived in THAT town - but were
living in another town -for example Bryna Berdichefsky living in Kremensug
was likely given that name while living in Kremensug because her family was
from Berdichev. The Russian Gov. I believe I recall passed several edits
jews to adopt surnames but this was not uniformily enforced until the 1830's?
I believe. Its in many books you can double check the exact date.

Steve Rivkin

Moderator's note: You are correct. When a "stranger" came to live in a
new town, they were known as 'Yankel Berditchever', or Yankel >from Berditchew -
or whatever town they originated from.

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