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Claire Petersky

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Dear Fellow Berdichev Researchers:
I have obtained a copy of a rare 1870 book in Yiddish about Berdichev:
Die Geheimnise von Berditschev, by Alexander Zederbaum (Warsaw,
1870). It is about 90 pages. I do not read Yiddish nor Hebrew. I
would be happy to provide a copy to anyone who can (1) check for me
whether my family names
ROYZENTUR and BABCHUK appear, especially in what appear to be the
lists at the end, and (2) advise me as to the nature of the other
contents about the shtetl.
At the risk of making a "me too" post, I was wondering if the information
could be shared with all of us -- maybe as a post to the group, or on a


Claire Petersky (

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