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Jeff Knisbacher <jknisbac@...>

Hi Paul,
I have been out of the office for most of the last 5 weeks, which is
the reason for the delay in responding to you. We are very much interested
in SIPERSTEIN/SAPPERSTEIN >from Ukraine and nearbhy Khotin. In fact, I
suspect that I and Laurie Siperstein-Cook on the cc list above are the
people listed in JewishGen that you refer to. Any additional info you can
provide, with regard to either the Minneapolis or Israel connection, will
be greatly appreciated.

Jeff Knisbacher, Baltimore area

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My pediatrician in Minneapolis, MN, who also took care of my oldest
daughter was David M. Siperstein. I know very little about his family
than he had a daughter, Eleanor, who was a medical researcher in Texas.

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One of my surname researches is my maternal grandmother's branch, the
SIPERSTEINs of Pinsk. Yesterday I received email >from a woman, Suzy, in
Israel asking whether we might be related, as she knows of no other
SIPERSTEINs in Israel. I learned >from her note that she was >from Hotin
Basarabia and survived - along with her brother and parents -
concentration camps in the Ukraine.

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