Location of shtetl #ukraine


Hi listers-
I have just acquired copies of my maternal grandfather, Morris HALPERIN's,
naturalization papers.
Both the Declaration of Intention, dated 1918, and the Petition for
Naturalization, dated 1920, state that he was born in Getomer, Russia.
In addition the 1910 and 1920 Census records say he was born in Kiev, Russia.
Therefore I assume Getomer was in the Kiev-Gubernia, somewhere.
Seeking it in Jewishgen Shtetl Seeker provided me with no results.
Can anyone familiar with this area help me locate this town?
Any help will be appreciated.

Mickey Freedman
Tucson, AZ

Moderators Note:
We have the same documents! Fortunately my cousin was still living
at the time I got those papers and he verified that the town was

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