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HI all,

By way of introduction, JAGOLINZER is an Americanization of the
YAGOLNITZER surname, originally >from the Kamenetz Podolsk area of SW
Ukraine and surrounding areas of what are now Romania and Moldova. Several
YAGOLNITZERs were among the original group of Jewish settlers in Argentina,
who arrived on the ship Weser, way back in 1889. Living descendants (mostly
in the U.S. and Israel) that we have traced so far number in the hundreds,
with the Jagolinzer branch very prominent in Providence, RI and, as is
apparent >from this message below, in other parts of New England, as well.
The last family reunion, held in Providence in 1984 resulted in a gathering
of several hundred people and the publication of the "Grand Jagolinzer"
souvenir book. Another reunion is now planned for September of 2002. What a
wonderful prelude this is to that celebration!

The Francis Small* Heritage Trust proudly announces the dedication of
the "Jagolinzer Preserve" in Limington, Maine on Sunday, November 5, 2000
at 2 p.m. In December 1999, Philip Jagolinzer of Scarborough, Maine,
donated a conservation easement to 21 acres of land, bordered on one side
by the Pease Brook ( a trout and salmon spawning tributary) and the Saco
River on another. The Trust will be responsible for protecting the
heavily wooded property >from development and misuse. Just off Route 25,
on the Limington/Cornish town line, it will forever be available to the
public for recreation (fishing, cross-country skiing, canoeing, hunting,
etc.), education and scientific purposes. The property will be referred
to as the Jagolinzer Preserve of the Francis Small Heritage Trust.

* Francis Small was one of the first settlers of this region in Maine.

Jeff Knisbacher, Owings Mills, MD

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