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Zelde Malevitz <lionzel@...>

Dear Lilian,

I read your notc in the Ukrainian Special Interest Group about how we found
each other. I wonder whether Yocheved Peker SHLIAPOCHNIK's grandchildren
in the Argentine think that their grandmother was an only child, also.

Paul & Zelde

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Subject: [ukraine] Re: The origin mystery
Date: Sun, Nov 5, 2000, 10:55 AM
Joseph Rothenberg mentioned that immigrants tended not to talk about the
old country to their children. I can go one better than that - my
maternal grandmother, Faygel PEKER ROSENBERG, >from Korostyshev, Kiev
gulburnya, didn't even mention the fact that she had three brothers, two
sisters, three step-sisters and a half-sister! We had assumed she was
an only child until her half-sister's grandson (Paul MALEVITZ, Los
Angeles)located me in 1992 and gave me an extensive family tree.

Lilian Gellnick
New Barnet, Hertfordshire, UK

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