Re: Starting out #ukraine

David Cantor <David@...>

Greetings >from England

Having just embarked on researching my ancestory I have been fascinated by
the messages sent via the Ukraine SIG. Being a 'mischling'I can relate
very much to Paula Gowans in Australia and the difficulties posed by having
Jewish and non-Jewish parentage. The matter has also been made more
difficult by a 'mini diaspora' during WW11 when many people were evacuated
to country areas to avoid the bombs falling on London. Anyhow, my
Grandmother nee Sarah SCHWARTZ came >from Sigivka (now Dzgivka) near Yampol
on the Dneister river. My grandfather Philip(aka Pina?)CANTOR the family
legend has it was >from Kiev, that's all I know. Date of arrival in England

If anybody has information about Sigivka or can offer advice, it would be
much appreciated.

Good luck in your quests

David Cantor

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