Zhitomer testimonies at Yad V'Shem #ukraine

Gilda and Bob Kurtzman <gildak@...>

I got the names >from the Beit Volin library in Givatayim which is a branch of Yad
V'Shem. They told me that in order to access the names we would have to go to the
Yad V'Shem ARCHIVES (and not the library). Since we live in Israel the librarian at
Beit Volin did not tell me how to access them by internet. First, I suggest you try
to find the website for Yad V'Shem and see if the testimonies in the archives can be
ordered by internet. Second, if not, please let me know. Although we do not plan to
go to the Archives in the near future because we have already spent some time at the
library and we don't live in Petach Tikva, there is a possibility that at some future
date we will be able to get there. I am not looking for myself but was looking for
Mickey Freedman who has done me a few favors in the US and I found the material he
needed at Beit Volin. But, my husband is looking for background material on his town
and was told to look at the testimonies so I think he will go up there sometime over
the winter (and to visit the grandchildren).

The testimonies *might* be in Hebrew or Yiddish. Do you read either? Right now the
information on Zhitomer we got for Mickey is in Hebrew and we are going to have to
sit down and translate it all for him.

Before I came on aliyah in 1972, I lived in Far Rockaway. Almost neighbors!

Gilda Kurtzman
Petach Tikva, Israel

-->The above list has some interest to me since it includes a Rotenberg -

which is how my grandfather spelled his name on some documents and he came
from a town a few miles >from Zhitomir . How do I access Rachel Rotenberg
and where can I access her statement?

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