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8 Heshvan 5761
Monday, November 06, 2000

Dear All & especially to all the BRONSTEIN's:
In 1971, The Jewish Publication Society published the book "Trotsky
and the Jews" by Joseph Nedava. It contains numerous quotes >from
Trotsky's book My Life. I am sure that the book is long out of print & I
don't know how easy it will be to find in libraries. Of special interest
to genealogists may be the following: page 28 - "My father, David
Leonteivich BRONSTEIN, was a farmer [Trotsky wrote in his autobiography].
As a little boy, he had left with his parents the Jewish town in the
province of Poltava, where he had been born, when they went to seek their
fortune on the free steppes of the South. There were at that time about
forty Jewish agricultural colonies in the provinces of Kherson and
Ekaterinoslav, with a total population of about 25,000 souls." Nedava
adds, "When the Jews were expelled >from the villages (for under the 1804
statute, one regulation expelled Jews >from the villages while another
invited them to till the soil), many families answered the call. Within
fifty years three successive waves of would-be settlers moved to the
south. The BRONSTEIN family must have participated in the second
migration, sometime in the 1830's. Some of the villages were given
Hebrew names: Seidemenuka (Field of Rest), Nahartav (Good River),
Yefenahar (Fair River.)" There is not much more about his early years.
One other memorable quote in the book which I heard many years before the
book came out is found on page 167: "When in 1921 the chief
rabbi of Moscow, Rabbi Jacob Maze, appeared before TROTSKY to plead for the
Russian Jews. TROTSKY was reputed to have answered him, as he had done on
various previous occasions, that he was a Bolshevik revolutionary and did
not consider himself a Jew. To this Rabbi Maze replied: "The TROTSKYs
make the revolutions, and the BRONSTEINs pay the bills."" A few years
back Commentary magazine carried an article about some
of TROTSKY's descendants. One of his great-grandsons is a frum Jew living
in Kiryat Arba a suburb of Hebron.

Shalom BRONSTEIN, Jerusalem
Researching - SHULMAN/SHILLMAN - Panevezys; BLOCH - Krekanava (Lithania);
the DIMMERMAN, BECK & GELMAN families >from Ostrog & vicinity (Volhyn);
Iasi (Romania) - those who came to America all settled in Philadelphia;
GOLDZWEIG & LETZTER - Cholojow/Uzlovoye (Eastern Galicia/Ukraine)

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From: Max Stool []
Subject: [ukraine] Re: TROTSKY AS BRONSTEIN

Dennis, I read with interest your posting. My mother, who came from
Starokonstantinov, Ukraine, told me that her mother's family name was
BRONSTEIN and that was TROTSKY's name before he changed it.
Max Stool
Del Rio, TX

From: <>
Subject: [ukraine] TROTSKY AS BRONSTEIN

"Dear Udi,
I am at work now& don't have access to references, but Leon TROTSKY's
real name was BRONSTEIN. He came >from a rich family near Elizabethgrad
now Kirovohrad......"

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