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My family is >from Elizavetgrad, or Yelisevetgrad as you called it. The
maiden name is BRODSKY and they too emigrated to Canada, though I am
unsure where. If this sounds familiar to you, I can provide more

Caitlyn O'Connell
Studio City, CA

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<<Recently, Dmitry wrote about Yelisevetgrad and said the place was
renamed by the Soviets to Kirovograd. I had the notion the more recent
name is Kirovohrad and it was located in the gubernia of Cherson. Could
someone inform me regarding which name is correct? My mother's maiden
name was Grunia SASLOFSKY but when she left Yelisevetgrad, Ukraine in
1913 and settled in Winnipeg, Canada, she and her brother,Yankel(Jack)
shortened the name to SASLOW. However, my maternal grandmother, Polya
(whose maiden name was TORGOVITSKY) remained in Yelisevetgrad. Her
husband, my maternal grandfather, named Chaim, was assassinated with
others in a 1920 pogrom in the same city. Polya(later changed to Pearl)
and her youngest son Moishe(Maurice) emigrated to Winnipeg in 1921.
Anything that could be added to this connection would be greatly

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