Re: Berdichev book #belarus

Gene Starn <genes17@...>

Hi, Steve ....

I received the manuscript and have made a couple of copies and turned them
out to first see if your names (and mine) are included. I've asked the
interpreters to make some notes as to what is mentioned about the names.
If worthwhile, I'll see how much they want to translate the entire
manuscript and I'll index it in case there are other Berdichevers who can
use it.

I'll keep you informed.

A long shot, but perchance do you happen to know Sid Davis? Sid was
once V.P. of NBC News, Washington, and then program director of the
Voice of America. He's now retired, but still lives in Bethesda. He and
I go back a few years, both having worked together in TV news.

The manuscript came in an AIPAC envelope, so I'm assuming you're
attached to that organization. They're doing great work because of the
criticism they receive >from the press.


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