TRELER or TRILH, Gdynia #danzig #gdansk #germany #poland


My father's sister was called in Hebrew Batya Basha Treler or Trilh (they
called themselves both forms) during the war or after she changed her name
to Anna Z'linska.
Before the war she lived in Israel until the thirties when she was deported
by the British because of her communist tendencies. During the war she was
a partisan and after the war adopted a son along with her partner. While
the child grew up, he married and had two daughters. The entire family
lived in Gdynia and my aunt had a significant role in the shipyards. Her son
worked there as well and during one of his sailing he defected to Canada.
Basha (Anna Z'linska) died in the early seventies and buried in the city.
I also had a cousin living in southern Poland called Haiim Treler or Trelh,
son of my father's brother who was named Leo - Leibel who perished in the
Holocaust. Haim died in the 90's in Poland. Have had at least one son.
Thanks and Best Regards,
Bella Ezov

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