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Though I do not have any specific information about this family, I visited
the city of Satanov this past August, as part of a trip to ascertain the
condition of the Jewish cemeteries in the area. Satanov is one of the few
cemeteries in this area that has a fairly large amount of gravestones (in
various stages of disrepair) still standing. Unfortunately the cemetery has
become a "hang out" for local rowdy youths, and when I tried to photograph
the tombstones I was attacked by a gang of 10-15 youths shouting
anti-Semitic slurs. Since I was alone, it was only through the great
kindness of the Al-mighty that I managed to escape (by running down a very
steep hill) and get into the car before they were able to inflict actual
physical harm. (They actually chased me down the hill and were only a few
feet away >from the car when I we drove off!)
I also conducted a brief interview with local gentiles about the fate of the
Jews of the area during WWII. Please feel free to contact me directly for
more info.

Satanov was home to a thriving Chasidic community before the war, and was
famous for the Chasidic Master and Kabbalist Reb Yisroel of Satanov
(1696-1781) a close disciple of the BESH"T.

Abraham J. Heschel

Brandler Institute of Chasidic Thought
Brooklyn, NY

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