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Hyla Fox <gohyla@...>

To Paul Gordon,
Re your request for information about Chaszazarati..

My family came >from a town which my Uncle called and spelled
Chastievata and/or Chastchevata; however, my mother always pronouced it
as Chasvata. The Yad Vashem in Israel has it listed as Chasztowata
and/or Khashchevatoye. The International Reference section of the
Mormon church feels the correct spelling is Khashevata. On the other
hand, the Registry of the Holocaust Survivors in Washington, DC says the
right name is Kachshevato.

Yet, an 1885 map shows the town as Chastthvaya.

The village my gparents came from, according to family information is on
a tributary of the Bug River, in an area known as Podolia Gubernia, not
all that far >from Odessa, in the Russian Ukraine.
Does this help?
What, by the way are the names you are researching?
Hyla Fox, Toronto.

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