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Dear Jo,
I takes me so long to find quiet time to really read my emails. What you
wrote below intrigued me and reminded me of a story my grandmother passed on
to me. My grandmother, Leah EJDELSZTEJN(Adelstein) nee ZILBERBERG was born
in Stepan in April 1904. She recalls how the Russians (I believe) we very
tough on the Jews. However, when she was a preteen she said that they got
news of a new ruling "army". She said the town understood that these new
administrators spoke a language that was a kin to their own. That language,
and those people were German. The town was excited at the prospect of
change. However the change was not a turn for the better. My grandmother,
who was in school and loved to learn, had to stop. The new authorities
passed a law stating that if children wanted to go to school they must
attend on Saturday. The new authorities knew full well that the Jews could
not abide by that law and so schooling for my grandmother during that time
came to an end. She also told me that very near the start of this
changeover a few Jewish men >from the community were put in jail, my
great-grandfather was amongst them. The town was told that if they did not
produce "X" amount of dollars in either cash, silver, gold etc. by dawn,
those in jail would be killed. Thankfully their demands were met and my
grandmother had her father until she emigrated in 1935. Her entire family
was killed in the Action at Stepan on August 24, 1944 (that is the exact
date that I went into labour with my daughter, my only child).
Debbie Adelstein-Posner

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I never knew my ggparents, but the only people who are living that had any
connection with them say that they never talked about the old country. On
the other hand, my grandparents, both immigrants, did talk, and must have
heard some stories >from their parents because they passed them down to
their children.

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