Tiferes Israel Anshei Zhitomer #ukraine

Barbara <maybug@...>

I am posting this thank you to Joan Rosen for her informative note
publicly. As she so rightly indicates, belonging to that congregation may
not indicate that someone came >from that town. Indeed, I have my gf's
naturalization papers indicating he was born in Scalat, Austria, now
Ukraine (which also may only be an approximation of where he was born) and
lived in Terespol long enough to have three children.

My point in making this inquiry is to find out where the ARCHIVES of that
synagogue are located in hopes that it may yield other information. I
would be grateful to anyone else with information about this synagogue.

Barbara Harris

"In response to Barbara Harris' posting about her relative's burial in the
plot belonging to Tferes Israel Anshei Zhitomer...

Yes, it was a congregation in Phila. at the end of the 19th and at least at
the beginning of the 20th century. My great-grandfather belonged to that
congregation and thus for a while we thought he came >from Zhitomer, but as
it turned out, he emigrated >from Novograd Volinsk, a smaller town not far
from Zhitomer. There apparently was no group >from N.V. large enough to form a congregation here, so he became part of a group >from place geographically close to his home town. This, I believe, was a common practice.

--- Barbara Harris
--- maybug@earthlink.net

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