Letter of thanks to Margaret #poland #danzig #gdansk #germany


I want to thank >from the depth of my heart to Malgorzata
Andrzejewska-Bancewicz (Margaret).
Margaret did the unbelievable and found for me my 70 - year old first
cousin, who did not know about my existence. The process was like this: I
have found an envelope >from the year 1966 with my father's sister address
from Gdynia. Margaret went to that address and found that this apartment
still belongs to this family.
I don't know how, but she also got me the phone number of the tenants.
After several attempts someone actually picked up the handset and it turned
out to be my aunt's granddaughter. Since then, everything has been a
history. The cousin who did not know anyone >from the extended family, was
very excited to find kinship and since then we correspond almost daily and
have exchanged information. Maybe we will also meet sometime.
Margaret also has found my aunt's grave and also is trying to help me to
find another cousin who probably lives in Wrozlaw.
There are no words to thank her for the help she handed me, it is simply
amazing. Of course without this assistance, such an outcome could not occur
since I did not know anyone in Gdynia.
On my behalf and on the behalf of my family, thank you again and all the
best to you dear Margaret,
Bella Ezov,

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