Re: Missing Pieces of the Puzzle #ukraine


I would be extremely cautious basing family connections
on the names of cold remidies used in the families. My
family used those as well, as I am sure have many
others. Generally speaking, it's akin to saying that
all families that use tylenol while calling it aspirin
are related. Sorry to disillusion you, but it's just
another one of jewish names for something that I am sure
was very commonly used.

Roman Vilner

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Dear Florence,
I was very inspired by your message to keep trying to make those connections with my family. I certainly remember my mother (>from Vakhnovke/Vinnitza) making us that old cold remedy (we pronounced it "gorggle-morggle"), and it really worked.
I have a branch of my father's family who emigrated to Toronto, Canada. So far they have not been too forthcoming with dates, etc. Is there any way to research in the Canadian Archives other than writing directly to them? ...
Sonia Pasis
Rockville, Md
Florence wrote:
... On the route home, we made a long-anticipated stop to meet my mother's first cousin & her family ... as the branches of our family had not seen each other in over 95 years! ... when my husband developed a cold during our stay, Polina & I compared cough remedies. She is the only person who knew exactly what I meant when I said my mother used to make a "goggle-moggle", & [as if] to prove our common ancestry, she proceeded to put one together to ease my husband's throat.

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