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David Donn <ddonn@...>

Thank you for your recent response to me request for HELP!

I know very little about my Kushner roots at this time. I have been told
that my maternal gf was born in/around Austria. His name was Morice David
and he died and was interned in Rhode Island. I don't know that names of
his parents or siblings. I do know that there were a number of prominent
"Kushner's" in the family (ie. Doctors, Lawyers etc.)

He served a executive officer for an east coast company (possibly regional
president for the Mills Novelty Co. abt. 1930's till his death abt. 1945).
I have no other information re. city of birth or place/date of emigration.
He was married to Gladys (maiden name unknown) born somewhere in or about

So this is what I do know about my Donn/Buchman family to date.

My father is Albert Irwin Donn born 12/15/1930. His father was Meyer Israel
Donn born March 10, 1898 in Kovno died July 13, 1973 in E. Hartford
Connecticut. He emigrated to the US via New York abt. 1905. Meyer married
Celia Buchman born April 10. 1905 in Gomel, Belarus. She emigrated to the
US via New York abt 1905 in the company of her father Aaron Buchman born
November 2, 1883 in Siberia (city unknown) Died September 1971 in W.
Hartford Connecticut. His wife was Anna (maiden name unkown) she died abt.
1925 in the United States.

Thank you for your offer of help.

David Donn
Donn (>from Ukraine and Lithuania) Buchman (Belarus), Kushner (from
Austria, Siberia, Ukraine)

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