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Raanan S Isseroff <raanan1@...>


"google-moogle" is also good with a shot of Vodka and orange juice
concentrate beaten into the egg and other stuff. I believe the word
comes >from "Gog and MaGog" This is a traditional Jewish cure for sore
I saw a Chazon down one of these once (Made by his Russian grandmother)
before davening Rosh Hashanna.

Raanan Isseroff

On Tue, 21 Nov 2000 21:18:05 EST writes:
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My mother used to make me "google-moogle" when I had laryngitis. It

consisted of an egg yolk beaten with lots of sugar. Does this sound
your remedy? Perhaps remedies familiar to some families shows that
remedies were used in certain areas.


Bobbi Cohen
San Diego, Ca
MODERATOR's NOTE: Although this thread was "officially" & "soberly" closed a couple of days ago, Raanan's commentary seemed like THE definitive gogl'-mogol' recipe on which to say "L'chaim" - at last. It was irresistable. <VBG>

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