Kiev Coordinator Needed #ukraine

haflo <haflo@...>

Dear SIG Members,

Our U SIG KIEV Regional Research Coordinator has had to step down >from the
position due to personal circumstances. Kiev is one of our key provinces, &
it's important that we begin to plan & organize data collection &
uploading for this crucial area. The SIG needs someone with a good
geographical background knowledge of the gubernia to recruit & coordinate
volunteers working on the Kiev Geographical Dictionary, as well as to set
the wheels in motion for other projects requiring data extraction.

If you have the ability to "get things done", WE NEED YOU! There are
already a few people who are ready & waiting to do research on Kiev
Gubernia, so you'll begin with a core of volunteers eager to follow your

Anyone who is willing to undertake this position, please contact me at

A reminder to those interested in Kharkov, Kherson, or Taurida (Crimea) -
Regional Coordinators are still needed for these provinces, so if you feel
you can handle the above responsibilities, & delegate the work to
volunteers, kindly get in touch with me. Remember, the data we want will
only go online if we ourselves contribute the effort.

Many thanks,
Florence Elman
(Ukraine SIG Coordinator)

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