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Gale Bouchillon <galeb@...>

Following the recent discussion about solicitations, I received the
message printed below recently. Has anyone had any experience with this
group? Have you had any positive results? Thanks for your help.
Gale Bouchillon

MODERATOR'S NOTE: Allan Mazur at <> has also asked the same question. I have had to remove address details of the soliciting person as we do not put testimonials or complaints about commercial genealogists on the list. Those who would like to reply to Gale & Allan must do so privately by contacting them at their personal email addresses. Thanks.

genealogical research in Ukraine
Thu, 23 Nov 2000 17:25:42 +0200
"Gale Bouchillon" <>

Dear Gale Bouchillon!
We saw your letter about Voronovitsa searching in SIG. You asked for help and we can give it to you. We are The International Center of
Genealogical Research. Legal organization doing genealogical researches in Ukraine almost two years. Our office is situated in Kyiv.
Voronovitsa is now situated in Vinnitsa region. It is not far >from Kyiv and that is why we are doing researches in Vinnitsa Archives very often.
And we understand the problem if somebody like you wants to do research in Ukrainian Archive and never get the answers.
So, if you are interested in our service please contact our director Angela Semakova by this e-mail address and you would have our help with
the ukrainian part of your genealogical research
Hope for cooperation,
IGRC researcher

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