Re: Solicitation from researcher advice #ukraine


one takes thier chances when dealing with the unknown - Avotaynu has had much
useful info in the past on researchers >from regular writers. I wish Avotaynu
create a list of Avotaynu approved researchers. Any of you who subscribe and
the magazine regularly should already have the info you need. If you dont get
it you
should - besides belonging to your local Jewish Gene. Society all should
to Avotaynu the number one Jewish Genelogical publication in the country - who
is partly responsible for some of the JewishGen databases and so much more.
This is not an ad - this is fact and common sense - I have no connection with
the Avotaynu people - but they do work together with JewishGen and other
My advice is get the Avotaynu CD Rom's of all past issues and check for
and testimonials on Ukraine researchers and archivists. Also keep in mind
change fast so some info will be out of date. For instance last I heard RAGAS
will no longer do research but will supply a list of researchers without any
on the researchers.

Steve Rivkin

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