STEINGARTEN, Ratno --> Israel #ukraine

Jeff Sugarman <sugarjf@...>

If anyone can offer any suggestion on organizations to contact for the
following search, I would greatly appreciate it.

I am trying to find relatives of my great grandmother, Yenta STEINGARTEN.
Relatives of hers escaped
from Ratno (near Kovel, Ukraine) in the early 40's and made their way to

The father, Yaakov STEINGARTEN, evidentally worked for some kind of
refugee/resettlement organization after the war. We believe he immigrated
with 2
daughters who would likely be 70 or 80 years old now.

Can anybody offer any strategies on trying to find these two daughters or
their families in Israel when we know only these women's maiden name? I am
assuming they would have married, but don't know this for a fact.

Jeff Sugarman
Los Altos, California

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