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The book was criticized by Abraham Duker, alav hashalom, as completely
inaccurate. He wrote that if some anthropologist had written something
similar, based on Sholem Aleichem stories and the reminiscences of old
people, he would have been drummed out of the corps ( or words to that
effect, I read the review decades ago) Life is with People became the book
for students ignorant of live in Eastern Europe and was the "primary"source
for all kinds of articles written about Jews in the sixties.
Ida Selavan Schwarcz
Arad, Israel

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I believe "Fiddler on the Roof" was largely based on "Life is with People"
-- they share the same romanticized view of the shtetl.
Allan Mazur

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I have read countless books on Eastern European
Jewish life and history and recently came across
a fantastic book which should be mandatory reading
for anyone whose family comes >from Eastern Europe.
The book information is as follows:

"Life is With People: The Jewish Little-Town of Eastern
Europe" by Mark Zborowski and Elizabeth Herzog.
International Universities Press, Inc. New York. 1955.

Please e-mail me with any questions.

Paul W. Ginsburg
Sudilkov Online Landsmanshaft
Bethesda, MD

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