Trip from Ekaterinoslav to Argentina also ship arrivals and records #ukraine


Someone has posted previously that passenger ships did not go out of Odessa
in the old days. Yet my great grandfather got out on a whaler >from Odessa.

I am told and have photo's of my great great grandparents taken in Odessa on
thier way to the Holy Land - I hear they went by ship via Turkey in 1910.

Several cousins who lived in the Potalva and then Ekaterinoslav area moved to
Odessa for a few years before coming to America- I assume by ship.

Another relative was smuggled out of the Ukraine to Poland and somewhere got
a ship to Cherbourg France where they connected to another passenger ship to
New York in 1921.In the early 1920's many Ukraine jews were smuggled out
Poland on often faked Romanian papers. Be aware during the 1919-onwards
period many traveled and escaped on fake papers which migh give Polish or
Romanian information when your ancestor was not >from that country at all.

Also note: Russ / Polish / Russian Poland / Poland were all written down
sometimes in reference to the Ukraine. I remember doing alot of work on what and where the town of Russ was before discovering in this case to was simply a abreviation by a lazy clerk for Russia.

I find it difficult to believe that passenger ships did not stop there - it
is and was a major seaport. If true that passenger ships did not generally go there - there were many other types of sea craft merchants,fishers,private charter,etc that
passage to some other point could be arranged on - where they could get on a passenger steamship.

There is a goldmine of passenger arrival records gathering dust in many
countries that likely have info on many Jewish passengers as they changed ships in other countries on thier way to America. Cherbourg - Liverpool - Breman - Rotterdam
Amsterdam are some major change points in 4 different countries. Even here in America passenger arrival records are not the easiest thing to work with
without percise infomation.

Steve Rivkin

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