Re: Wolkowysker Cemetary Association #ukraine

Zelde Malevitz <lionzel@...>

Dear David,

Wolkowysk is a city in Belarus, east of Grodno and near Piesk.

Good luck, Paul Malevitz

From: "David Donn" <>
Date: Wed, 29 Nov 2000 09:46:04 -0800
Subject: [ukraine] Wolkowysker Cemetary Association

Can anyone tell me what the "Wolkowysker" Cemetery Association is or was?

Does this refer to a particular shtetl? If so where?

David Donn >from Seaside, OR

Dunn/Donn (>from Ukraine and Lithuania) Buchman (Belarus), Kushner (from
Austria, Siberia, Ukraine) Akins (Russian Empire)

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