Re: Questions posted here #ukraine


Although you stated that you hoped to offer some constructive criticism, I
feel strongly that you have effectively stated that those of us who are new
or not well versed in the genealogy "protocol" are not welcome, and our posts
are a waste of valuable time.

I have read the FAQ's on JewishGen and other sites (along with books,
articles, etc.); that is how I found my way here in the first place. All
those sources strongly encourage involvement with other researchers who have
"been there and done that," along with others who may be "fumbling around" at
the same time. I believed this forum to be the best way to interact with
others who were trying to achieve the same goals as I.

I worked on my family history for nearly a year before I subscribed to this
mailing list, and if my questions seem basic, I apologize. As you know, much
of the information we find can be confusing and seemingly contradictory. I
thought this forum was the appropriate place to seek help in finding answers
to my questions.

Thank you for your consideration,
Deborah Mann

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