Re: Ekaterinoslav Research Group #ukraine

Touger, Jerry <jtouger@...>

I would like to underscore Elizabeth Paikin's post about the Ekaterinoslav
Area Research Group. The links between Belarus and Ekaterinoslav are of
interest to a good many of us in that group. For example, the
naturalizartion papers of certain TOUGERs and SCHEFRINs with whom they
intermarried show that they last lived in Ekaterinoslav (before emigrating
to the US) but were born in places like Borisov and Telochin and Chotuchovo
in Belarus. I imagine other families have similarly documented migration
patterns . One interesting possibility might be to begin to compile the
prior origins of Jews who later settled in or around Ekaterinoslav to see
if any patterns emerge. (Here we have a problem, The Ekaterinoslav Area
Research Group does not at this stage have a web page because we have not
yet had anyone volunteer to set one up. Any takers?)

Jerry Touger
Coordinator, Ekat. Area Research Group
Milton, Massachusetts, USA

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