Re: Dennis Baer's "wish list" #ukraine

SHEILA TOFFELL <toffell@...>

Amen (or should that be Omayn) to Dennis's wish that we have a JRI-PL type
availability. I have heard that raw data is slowly coming out >from the
Ukraine. If this is true, and considering that the LDS is the main source of the vital records for Poland, are they accessing the Ukrainian registers, or is it possible the State Archives might put their data on line?

Dennis should understand, though, that most on line records in JRI-PL are
there because genners have taken the time to go through the microfilms at
the LDS and transcribed everything in a town's register for each year. Even
if the records were available, the raw product has to be researched by the
individual where ever a microfilm is available. It occurs to me that the
main problem most of us would have is the Cyrillic, as anyone who has tried
to decipher the 1868 onwards records >from Poland will know. Even if the
pro-forma stuff is decoded for us, we will still have to deal with the names and places. I'll gladly struggle with that one if we had the availability, though.

Happy Chanukah to all!

Sheila Toffell
Searching for, in the Ukraine:
KARSUNSKY / KORSUNSKY Stavische and Tarasche
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In Poland:
RAFELSKI(spelling unclear) Lodz area
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