Radishkovich #ukraine

Sam & Charlotte <samchar@...>

I've been trying to help a member of our JewishGen group who does not
have a computer. She has a document in old Ukranian which is a
temporary passport for her grandfather to travel and it appears that the
town is Radiskovich and the seal indicates either Vinnitska Gubernia or
Vinniskyia Gubernia. The date is January 16, 1904. Is anyone familiar
with a town called Radiskovich? I may be mispronouncing or misspelling
the town as the area is hand written. I cannot read the
Russian/Ukranian and have asked for help >from several Russian relatives,
and they too have had difficulty in making it out. Does anyone in the
Ukranian SIG have any information on an area by this name?

Charlotte Showel
JGS of Southern Nevada

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