KARS Family #ukraine

SHEILA TOFFELL <toffell@...>

Information for Harry KARS is as follows:
Born Herschel KORSUNSKI in 1863, Landed as Harry kORSUNSKY. Changed name
to Harry KARS legally. He is listed on the Natz papers as a watchmaker. His
wife's name was Rebecca. He had 1 son, Nathan, when he applied for
citizenship. Nathan was born in Russia.

Sheila Toffell
Searching for, in the Ukraine:
KARSUNSKY / KORSUNSKY Stavische and Tarasche
BREZHENEV / BREZHNEV Yelisavetograd (Kirovograd)
In Poland:
RAFELSKI(spelling unclear) Lodz area
TOFFEL Opole Lubielski, Josefow nad Wisla

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