Handwriting help-ViewMate VM-269 #ukraine


Please take a moment and view the handwriting sample (underlined red) and ink
stamped photograph of my GGF currently at JewishGen ViewMate vm#269.

Can you read (and translate?) the handwriting. What does it say? Can you
tell me about the blue ink stamp? Can you date the piece?

Thank you for the time and help.

Joel Hayflick

HAYFLICK/HAYFLICH/HOEFLICH: Philadelphia, PA; OR, NY, FL, USA; Kiyev, Ukraine
HECKLER/HECHLER/HAGLER: Philadelphia, PA; Alsace, France
GOODFRIEND: Philadelphia, PA; Budapest, Hungary
SILBER/ZILBER/SILBERT: Lithuania; PA; Beaumont, TX
ORTT/ORD: Pennsylvania; Palatinate, Germany
POLLACK: Camden, NJ; Warsaw, Poland

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