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Alice R Keppler <lfoabbey1@...>

I am trying to research both sides of my family and am having a
very difficult time because: 1) All of those "who knew the answers" are
unfortunatly deceased and, 2) I believe that all the surnames have been
I recently found at this website a posting which mentioned a town
Turchin. I went to the website and found that a town by the name of
Gorin'grad (Polish: Horyngrod) is mentioned. This is what I know about
my father's family:
My grandfather, Jacob HORN (Americanized name) was born around
1886 in a town called Hatim (?) (Chotine?). Supposedly, this town may
have been at "the base of the Carpathian Mtns". My great
grandparents,Avram Meyer HORN (?) and Bertha ZIMMERMAN, had an inn or
stage coach stop, or somehow provided transportation, and were purveyors
of spices. They had sons: Jacob, Sol, Phil, Sam, George, and Pincus, and
daughters, Fanny an Tina.

Bertha was widowed at 36. Jacob, my grandfather, "did something" and
had to be secretly removed >from the country. He came to the US about
1902, alone, and ended up in Newark, NJ. He managed to bring his mother
and siblings to the US. He married Bertha SCHAEFFER (sp?) and had 3
children: Alfred Melvin (my father), Ruth, and June. Jacob became a
carpenter and built many homes in the Newark, NJ area. When his wife
Bertha passed away, he re-married and moved to Los Angeles where he
lived until about 1956.
The reason I find the Tuchin site interesting is my Great Aunt
Tina Horn had told me that the last name HORN was "not pronouncable in
English," but sounded like GUERIN or GOREN--which is a match for the
name of the town I mention above. Also, that Polish pronounciation
is similar to HORN--look its a shot in the dark, but maybe I'm getting
close, even though I had never heard that the town (Hatim) was Polish.
Does this strike a chord with anyone?

Also, if anyone can point me in a direction to research this family, I'd
appreciate it. So far, I can't get started, even the Mormon Website
isn't giving me information on my grandparents. Thank You
Alice Horn Keppler

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