Volhynia Research Group ready to go! #ukraine

haflo <haflo@...>

Dear U SIGgers-

Our newest Coordinator, Joanne Saltman <jsaltman@...>, is prepared
to organize a dynamite team for Volhynia research. Thank you, Joanne, for
stepping forward in the JGen spirit, & welcome to the U SIG team!

Many of you have written to say that you are researching towns in Volhynia.
Please give Joanne all of your cooperation, & volunteer to help her with
the Volhynia Geographical Dictionary. Once we compile critical information
about these towns, it will make it easier to determine the resources
available for locating your families, & to proceed with research projects
that meet your needs. So ... will those interested in Volhynia please write to Joanne & offer their input.

A reminder about information needed for the Dictionary project:
- Town name:
- Modern current name (i.e. in Ukrainian)
- Historical name (i.e. in Russian)
- Alternate historical town name(s)
(e.g. German, Polish, Yiddish)
- Latitude/Longitude
- Political jurisdictions at various time periods,
i.e. Province/district (gubernia/uyezd/powiat...)
- 1897: Gubernia (province)
- 1897: Uyezd (district)
- Jewish population figures
- 1897

Our only orphaned gubernias are now Kherson, Kharkov & Taurida. I've been
informed that there are newspapers >from Kharkov (Kharkov Vedemosti) that
can be copied & transliterated/translated. They contain lists of names &
events of interest, but they will only be made available if there is a
group of volunteers to work on them. (That means a "chief" for Kharkov!)

Once these last positions are filled, I expect we'll see a lot of activity
from all nine provinces within the U SIG focus. Join our Coordinating team
& help lead the Ukraine SIG expansion! I look forward to working with you.

Florence Elman
U SIG Coordinator

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