Surname Database ... Your Ideas, Please? #ukraine

haflo <haflo@...>

Dear SIG Members,
Bobby Furst is doing an amazing job of compiling the surnames & towns you
submitted to her, & combining other facts about those places in one source.
[I hope that if any of the names you sent were not already on the JGFF,
that you remembered to enter them there at the same time! That's the most
popular site for finding other folks who are researching the same names.]

As I explained, the list won't be duplicated on our website, but will be
used to supplement our Geographical Dictionary. A number of other
genealogical uses also come to mind.

May I ask all of you to do a bit of brainstorming, & write to our mailing
list with any positive ideas you might have on how we can best make use of
this information for you ... short of uploading it. (Every new searchable
database is costly to maintain, & we already have the JGFF.) Your thoughts
about this will help to make your U SIG productive. We're 1006 strong now
... that should be 1006 creative suggestions!!

Florence Elman

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