FHL Judaica Index CD #ukraine

Howard Margol

It gives me great pleasure to announce the completion, and availability,
of the FHL Judaica Index CD. This CD includes the largest index of Jewish
records, on microfilm, microfiche, and in print, ever compiled and produced
on a CD. The records referred to are in the Family History Library in Salt
Lake City, Utah. Nancy Goodstein, a volunteer at the FHL, spent almost 18
months compiling, updating, and finalizing the index for the CD. The CD
will enable you to pinpoint the exact source of the records you are
interested in.
After that, you can contact your local FHL to order in a copy of the
microfilms, or microfiche, of your choice after finding the correct
film/item number on the CD. Books are not allowed to be transferred.
However, inmost cases, your local library can obtain a copy of the book
from another library via "inter library loan".
The CD contains an index of thousands of records, including hundreds of
records not previously known or publicized. One example is a book
containing an alphabetical list of persons sent to Siberian work camps from
Lithuania, 1941-1952. Identifies the I.D. number, name, father's name,
birth year, date sent, date released or died, and name of camp to which the
person was sent.

Other examples of very valuable records on microfilm include lists of
emigrants NOT sailing on emigrant ships; a list of Jewish returnees; and
list of those held back >from emigration. A list of arriving emigrants
(including a list of those sent by rail to Antwerp, Tetschen, Stralsund and
Vandrup at the outbreak of WW I); emigrants >from Kovno (Kaunas), and
Jewish orphans >from Russia.

A locality index (alphabetical) to Lithuanian Jewish Vital Records as well
as the actual records. Includes all microfilms of records received >from the
Lithuanian Historical Archive as late as January 2001. In short, the CD
contains an index to records >from all over the world.

The CD is available for immediate shipment. The price is $20 if the order
is received or postmarked prior to May 1, 2001 plus $3 S/H in USA & Canada,
$5 S/H to other countries. After April 30, 2001 the price will be $25
plus S/H.
The CD is "searchable" and PC and Mac compatible.

Order your CD! (Some individuals or societies, may want to donate a CD to
their local FHL).
To order, send your check, made payable to IAJGS, to;
Marilyn Natchez, IAJGS Treasurer
PO Box 251683
West Bloomfield, MI 48325-1683
Alternatively, you may pay by VISA or MasterCard. To do this,
send your authorization to charge your card to Marilyn at the mailing
address above or at her e-mail address, MRNatchez@aol.com.
Don't forget to include the Name shown on the card, the Address
as shown on your credit card statement, your Card Number and
its Expiration Month and Year.

Extra! Extra! Extra! - Through the courtesy of IAJGS, the index of
Jewish records in the Family History Library in Salt Lake City, Utah
will also appear on Jewishgen.org.
Go to the following URL to access the index:


Howard Margol
President, IAJGS

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