Russian Patronymic Customs #ukraine

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Dear Friends,

In documents about my g-grandfather, his patronymic is recorded
differently. For his son Ovsey-Meer (born in 1880), the record shows him
listed as "father - Peisah-Udo Leibov GOTLIBOVICH", with mother "Gitya".
When his son Khaim-Hadel was born in 1892, he is "father - Peisah Meerov
GOTIBOVICH", & mother "Gitlya".

We do have some confirmation that my gg-grandfather's name was "yehuda", so
that would explain the "Udo" in the patronymic. However, the names "Leibov"
& "Meerov" are a mystery. (There is a *possibility* that Peisah had a
brother named Leiba. Could it be that the given name Leiba belonged to
Peisah's grandfather? Does anyone know if patronymics of *grandfathers* as
well as fathers were ever included in someone's full name?) Just to put the
time frame into perspective, Peisah was born about 1845 to 1859, which
would put his father's birth about 1825 [eg: the time period when Jews had
to adopt surnames].

If anyone can shed light on customs of recording Russian patronymics, I'd
be very grateful.

Many thanks,
Florence Elman

MACHERET - Zolotonosha, Ukraine; ZEIDMAN -> STIRBERG - Khotin;
SURIS/SURES - Odessa, Ukraine; WEISSBEIN/VAJSBEJN - Odessa, Ukraine;
NERENBERG - Socolec & Verbovetz, Podolsk, Ukraine; ZILBERBERG/SILBERBERG - Podolia, Ukraine; GOTLIBOVICH/GOTLIBOWITZ/GOTLIEB - Cherkassy, Korsun, Zolotonosha, Kharkov, & H/Gorodishche, Ukraine; GUTGER -> EDGAR - Kiev, Ukraine; BRAGINSKAYA/BRAGINSKY - Cherkassy, Kiev

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