Bodner & Oster names and origin of Amchislavsky #ukraine

LindaJim Morzillo <jmorzil1@...>

Bettina Sor asked about the names BODNER, OSTER and the town of
Rafalovskain, in the gubernia of Volhynia.

There is a town called Oster in the Chernigov gubermia, some of my
ancestors originated there. When people had to acquire last names, some
chose a name which reflected their geographic origins. Bettina, that may or
may not be a clue for your family.

A long while back, pre-computer times, someone wrote me that the name
AMCHISLAVSKY, which was in her family, too, was derived >from the name of a
river, but I have as yet to find it on a map. Maybe someone has an idea on

Linda Morzillo
Saratoga Springs, NY


PRESS and SCHNEIDER in Vidukle and and other Raseiniai towns
AMCHISLAVSKY and ERLICHMAN in Rostov-on-Don and previously Kozelsk and
Oster, Chernigov Gubernia
COHEN/KAGAN and BORNSTEIN in Oshmyany, Vilna and France
KOSOFSKY in Stuchin/Szczuczyn/Shchuchyn/Scucyn
SWOTINSKY in Grodno Gubernia Poland/Russia/Belarus

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