Re: No Fancy Fonts Please #ukraine

haflo <haflo@...>

Dear U SIG Members,
With regards to my letter requesting that *nothing* be posted to this forum
in Mime, it was pointed out to me that by specifying a font, I had confused
the issue of "Plain Text".

Apparently, "... this is *not* the same thing as plain text.... I'm
certain that some readers of Ukraine SIG will be confused by the conflict
between specifying a font for a particular e-mail and sending the e-mail as
plain text."

As long as you ensure that your email program is set to "Plain Text", you
are on safe ground.

Please accept my humble apology for any further confusion, [but do make
sure that your postings are in "Plain Text"!]

I was also advised that "As for AOL 6.0, it is not necessary to
maintain an earlier version on your computer to preserve the ability to
write plain text messages (although there may be many other reasons to
avoid 6.0).
AOL Anywhere, the Web-based version of AOL mail found at <>,
sends messages in plain text, so AOL 6.0 users can write messages to
JewishGen lists by using AOL Anywhere on the Web with no problem."

I hope this helps.

Another reminder to please send your messages to
I am still receiving email intended for the Ukraine SIG mailing list.

Thanks for your indulgence,
Florence Elman
Ukraine SIG Coordinator

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