Re: [NL] SSDI Listings are Unstable #ukraine


In reading your post about having problems with SSDI on rootsweb and
ancestry, which are tied to one another, I posted your question to another
rootsweb list and received this reply. Hope it helps.

Susan Curelop

Re: posting once and finding records, and not finding them the second time...
<< This could mean one of two things.

1) The person doing the search entered the search criteria a bit
differently this time than he did the first time around. If that is the
case, the record it still there but the person searching isn't finding it
due to typing in information that doesn't agree *exactly* with what he
searched for before.

2) A correction was made to the entry in a subsequent monthly update put
out by the SSA and that change or removal of the entry is resulting in it
no longer being found in a search.

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