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Please change last word in prior e-mail to Gubernia , not gibbering. My
spell checker hiccupped.

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<< But during WWII he would have gotten
This document would give you all the information you are searching
for. >>

My grandfather was Naturalized early in the century, but my grandmother
became a citizen until the 1960's. They were married when my grandfather
became a citizen. Would my grandmother been required to register? If so,
might help my search, as she never could remember what date and ship she
arrive on. I believe she was Naturalized under a special rule for such

Stewart Bernstein

If your grandparents were married prior to 1922 and if your grandfather
became a citizen prior to 1922 or was already a citizen at the time of the
marriage then your grandmother would have automatically received

Marvin Israel

researching Fliegelman, Romm in Kiyev Gibbering

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