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Dear Friends,
I lost a number of email messages, including a recent post >from (I hope) a
French and/or Italian branch of my mother's family. If you are reading
this, please email me again.

Rochelle Nameroff
Albany CA (S.F.Bay Area)

Rachelle & group,

First, you will see the presence of the NEMOROFSKY family in my database for
names associated with Gorodishche (located very near Korsun.) In Phila. >from
which most (not all) of the names are culled, the Korsuners had their own
Landsmanshaft after 1915. Before that, some Korsuners (including my family)
participated in the Hordisher (Gorodishche) Beneficial. Here, Gorodishche
was associated with Olshana/Vilshana, >from 1905, and Korsun was a separate
group. In New York, Korsun and Gorodishche landsman formed one joint group.
Incidently, in one of the books on NY Landsmanshaft, that group is attributed
correctly to Korsun and incorrectly to Gorodishche in Poland.

The surname POKRASS figured prominently in research for one of my families
(husband >from Korsun, wife >from Gorodishche.) POKRASS was the lawyer who
intervened on behalf of the family my grandfather's brother's family,
MEZHIRITSKY, when they were threatened with being returned to Russia. I
could find no family connection nor a shtetl connection to POKRASS until I
did some research into another branch of the family >from Korsun who lived in
Boguslav "Boslav" before coming to Phila. in the 1880's. They were well

established here and the husband was a charter member of the Boslover
Landsmanshaft in Phila. When I researched the charter for that org., lo and
behold I found the POKRASS family as prominent members of that group. It
then crystallized for me; my grandfather and his brother must have appealed
to their family members >from Boslav, who were established, for help and they
in turn enlisted the services of a lawyer >from their home shtetl who was a
fellow member of their landsmanshaft.

Needless to say, I have always kept the name POKRASS in the back of mind.
Turns out there is a photo of their very impressive former home in Boguslav
with a brief description of the family, on the Boguslav/Boslav site in the
Shetlinks on Jewishgen. POKRASS also appears in the Chicago Landsmanshaft
lists for one or more of the before mentioned shtetlach. Please don't ask me
the name of the book. I don't have it (or the NY books.) A friend looked
this up for me >from her vast library of such reference books.

Lois Sernoff [Phila., PA]

MEZHIRITZKY [MERITZ, MARRITZ, MARRITS] >from Korsun in Kiev Gub. to Phila.
SOSNOVSKY [SOSNOFSKY, SOSNOV - all spelling variations] >from Gorodishche
in Cherkassy uyezd, Kiev Gub.-> Ekaterinoslav -> Philadelphia, PA or
YO(A)MPOLSKY: >from Korsun vicinity to Phila.

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