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<< > If your grandparents were married prior to 1922 and if your grandfather
> became a citizen prior to 1922 or was already a citizen at the time of the
> marriage then your grandmother would have automatically received
> citizenship.
> Marvin Israel
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My grandparents were married in 1912 and my grandfather became a citizen in
1922, but my grandmother became a citizen in 1960. There may be a number of
reasons for this, first, she used her cousin's name in the U.S., why I don't
know. I guess Goldshtein was easier to use than Karcewer. Secondly, my aunt
has told me that grandma could not remember the ship or date that she entered
the U.S. Perhaps this was a stumbling block to Citizenship at that time. I
suspect that grandma wanted to collect Medicare or perhaps Social Security

and that's why she didn't concern herself too much about being a citizen till
then. To really confuse the facts, the Goldshteyn name was shortened to Stein
and Stein is on her marriage certificate of 1912. This is still a mystery to
me, as how does one enter the U.S. with a different name? I suspect that she
posed as her cousin's daughter, and was able to travel using that name.
My intention is to send away for my grandmother's Alien Registration file,
perhaps that might help solve this mystery.

Stewart Bernstein
Thousand Oaks, CA

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