looking for Guifan, Guefen, Gefen, Geffen and Yaroshevsky #ukraine

Guifan Sofia Marta <guifansm@...>

Appreciated members of Ukraine SIG:

Anyone out there know the meaning or the origin of the surnames "Guifan,
Guefen, Gefen Geffen and Yaroshevsky ?

My g.f. David Guifan cames to Argentina on 1904 from
Golovanevsk-Ukraine(actual Kirovograd Oblast?). He was born on August 04 of
1868 aprox; son of Wolff Zeev Halevi Guifan and Ana, Ida, or Olga Kitses,
Kitzes or Kiches

My g.m. Sofia Yaroshevsky cames to Argentina on 1907 >from Odessa-Ulraine
or Bessarabia-She was daughter of Gefim or Yefim and Elka or Olga Guifan,
female cousin of her husband David Guifan

thank you for your answer......Sophy Guifan Yaroshevsky >from Argentina-

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