BOTHMAN--Zhitomir, Kiev #ukraine


I have been stuck behind the proverbial brick wall for 2 years.

My BOTHMAN family, according to family lore, came >from Zhitomir (unknown
whether that refers to city or gubernia).

Brothers, Benjamin (Avraham Dov) and Morris (Hebrew name unknown) came to
the United States in 1885 and 1895, respectively. Their father's name was
Yaakov Yosef ____________.

I have had no luck in determining what the Russian surname was. The story
is that the Russian name was changed to English letter by letter. That is,
if the Russian name began with the second letter of the Russian alphabet,
Benjamin used the second letter of the English alphabet. He went through
the name in this manner and when finished, had something that could not be
pronounced, so he just changed it to make it so it could be pronounced.

I have searched for death certificates, immigration papers, passenger
lists, citizenship papers, burial records, synagogue records, school
records, military records, Masonic records, marriage records, census
records, city directories, HIAS records and birth records. The only
documentation I have been able to uncover is an envelope supposedly
received >from a sister, A.Y. Bera (transliteration), who was living at
ul. Borakhova 24-19, Kiev, Ukraine in 1935. I do not know if Bera is a
married name or not. She would have been 55-60 years old in 1935.

My questions:
1. Where else can I look for something that might give me clue as to the
original name and/or place of origin?

2. Are there any census, city directories or other documents that might
give me some information about who else was living with A.Y. Bera in
1935 and possible whether she was married, widowed, etc?

Thank you in advance for any help you can offer,

Maurine Bothman McLellan
Stilwell, Kansas, USA


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