Is Suve a nickname for a male or female? #ukraine

Gary M. Teller <garyandbarb@...>

My gg grandfather Benzion TRILISKY'S manifest shows someone with the same
surname and the first name of Suve accompanying him. Both were >from
Fastov, Ukraine. My research has not turned up anyone with that name. The
only sibling that came to the U.S. was named Yaacov Mordecai. Benzion's
wife's name was Esther Rochel.

Does anyone know if Suve was a nickname or alternate name that was commonly
used around 1900?

Thanks in advance

Gary Teller
Dunwoody, GA, USA


GOLDSCHMIDT/GOLDSMITH; Fastov, Ukraine/Philadelphia, PA
BERESTYSKA/BERESTYCKI; Kobrin, Belarus/Passaic, NJ/Savannah, GA
GEGDESHMAN/GEDESHMAN/GELMAN/LEVINE; Droghicin, Belarus/Passaic, NJ/Savannah, GA

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