Disturbing Jewish graves #ukraine

Brenda Pangborn <bjpangborn@...>

Last year someone suggested that it was possible there was
some sort of tradition where a grave was not to be disturbed after burial.
Does anyone have any knowledge of this? Regards to you all and thanks
for letting me blow off pent up steam!!

Carol Raspler, Delray Beach, FL

First of all, you are correct about who holds responsibility for
maintaining the graves and cemeteries. My grandparents are buried in a
cemetery that is fairly well maintained, however, there is one GIANT weed
that was coming up every year to cover many gravestones (none were my
families). My aunt said that she asked the caretaker to remove it--
wasn't done. My husband took some clippers and removed it himself.

I found out >from the Jewish Genealogical Society of W. Canada that the
gravestone of my G-grandmother was in terrible condition. I got money from
my uncles to pay for repairing it.

It IS up to us, the living, to care for those who went before us.

Regarding the Jewish graves after burial. This refers to exhuming bodies
or opening graves. It is much the same as autopsies and cremation. Just
because the person has ceased to function, the soul is still present and
the body of the deceased is not to be disturbed. Unfortunately, many Jews
are now choosing cremation--that is only my opinion. I guess it comes down
to "tradition" or "halakhah".

Brenda Pangborn

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