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Mark Baich <mark@...>

EIDB has LERNER this information that may help you:
Residence Name
Coustantin, Russia Berko LERNER
Konstantin, Russia Leie LERNER
Konstantinow, Russia Ester LERNER
Kosdinow, Russia Maimia LERNER
Kostopol Gelajle LERNER
Koustantin Leibys LERNER
St. Konstantynov, Russia Lewi LERNER

I hope this helps you with your search.

Mark Baich
Buffalo Grove, IL
BAICH/BAJCZ/BEICH/BEITCH (etc.) >from Berezits (near Kremenets,
STOTLAND (now Stone) >from Bazar (Russia/Ukraine)
MOSKOVITZ (etc.) >from Poland/Russia/Ukraine

all settled in and near Chicago.

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From: Robert Bogash [mailto:rbogash@...]
Subject: [ukraine] Re: Old Konstantine?

"It's amazing what pops out of this network! Maybe we're onto something
here. Three of my relatives have their place of residence on the ship's
manifest listed as "Staroduk." A fourth listed his town as "Starod...",
with the last of the name not decipherable. They arrived at different

Sandy LERNER writes:

Anyone have any information about a city called
Old Constantine or Starokonstantin?

If so, any information about the
family name >from this town?

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