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Has anyone else had problems with name spellings? I have found the listing
for my grandfather, BERYL CHMELNITSKY as B.Gemilnitsky having the correct
age, destination, Winnipeg, Canada. I also found his brother, Nathan
Chmelnitsky one time, but I couldn't find it again using every combination
I could think of.

Also, on the PJTS data base, I searched for birthplace: Kerson Gubernia,
using Canada for a destination, and wild card (%) for name. What I found
were seven men travelling at the same time as my grandfather, slightly
different dates for UK arrival and all going to Canada the same week. All
the men had arrived in UK >from Rotterdam. None of these people seem to be
on the Chmelnitsky family tree, I will list the names in case someone can
identify and give correct the spelling. I will be happy to send the
detailed information if wanted.

My CHMELNITSKY family was >from Novoukrainka, Kherson Gubernia, Ukraine ,
and the following are the names of my grandfather's fellow travellers
September 1904. all going to Canada within a week of arriving >from

BLATT, A, age 33 shoemaker, married
GIMELNITSKY,27, no occupation, married,
KAPILUSNIK, A age 20, no occupation, single
SHOCHET, B age 31 tailor,
BALTZIANSK, S age 32 blacksmith, married
IKEBATE, J age 32 tailor, married
KARTAKOSKY, J 29, tailor, married
UMEASKI, J 28, bootmaker, single

Sandra Glazer Lake
Bellevue, WA

GLASER/PENKIN -Kovna Gubernia Courland/Lithuania

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